Why IT Support Jobs Are Still Needed

Why IT Support Jobs Are Still Needed

December 23, 2020 0 By admin

The task of an IT support is certainly different from an IT programmer, being an IT support is arguably more things in the IT field that must be handled, for example taking care of program problems, operating systems or OS, network problems, client-server infrastructure, hardware, and availability of power problems. electricity.

The main job of IT Support is to ensure that the computer used by the user has an operating system. Next is to ensure that the operating system on the user’s computer is safe from interference or virus attacks. By ensuring the computer is safe from virus attacks, users or users will feel comfortable when using their computer.

Ensuring the presence or absence of an OS on the computer and ensuring that the OS is not experiencing interference is the most important task of IT Support. When a computer problem occurs, some of users might do not know and are not aware of what is really happening on their computers. The role and task of IT support are to identify and solve problems that occur in the operating system.

Only IT support can restore a problematic computer system as usual. Even if there is damage to a programmer’s computer, it is not certain that the programmer can quickly restore the system to his computer in a short time.

Why is that? Because the demand for IT support is to immediately restore the system used by its users in a short time. This can be done quickly because IT support usually provides the necessary tools, such as the Ghost application and other backup restore applications.