Definition and Duties of IT Support in the Company

Definition and Duties of IT Support in the Company

December 23, 2020 0 By admin

The flow of globalization has increased the number of job opportunities related to technology. Moreover, there are many university departments that have been opened related to technology. IT Support is one of the many jobs related to technology. The demand is increasing from year to year.

Almost the average company uses technology in its business. IT Support is a technician whose role is to evaluate and improve the three main objects of company technology, namely computers, software, and network system development.

Responsibilities and duties are very dependent on the needs of users in a company. However, in general, the following is a series of tasks:

Ensure all computers can be used.
Ensuring all applications can be used and run smoothly.
Storing all data on the computer used by the user.
Making technical reports by means of documentation.
Understand and master computer basics.
Understand the working principles of switches, routers, and others.
Restore data if you experience problems with your computer.
Make settings on the browser.
Repair and get your broken computer ready in the shortest possible time.